Emma Farrow - Tarot Reader

Hi my name is Emma , I have known all my life that there was something around us that we could not see, an unknown entity, I could sense as a child when events were going to happen before they did and had an ability to sense spirit around me but not really know why, or how, or what it was, my feelings never frightened me and I never felt alone, as a child I just accepted spirit presence as normal.

Throughout my teenage and adult life I have attended spiritual churches, seen mediums and found In my early twenties I was drawn to Tarot cards and decided to learn more, first doing readings for myself and then for family and friends if there was ever a need for guidance in my life this is where I would turn, I knew then that I wanted to help others as I have been helped by the cards, the cards I have learned are a tool to connect with the divine, I cannot explain how it works I just know it does.

My ability to sense spirit has never left me and my cards have always been by my side, even surviving a house fire, I have branched out from my original Tarot cards into Oracle Angel cards using both, with the tarot cards the imagery can seem a little frightening to anyone having a reading where as the Oracle Angel cards are much softer on the eye, the message is the same just conveyed in a softer way. I use different sets of cards and spreads from a 3 card spread to the Celtic cross which is ten cards depending to which one I am drawn to.

Over the past 7 years I have also discovered the need to paint, at first only tentatively but as I have learnt more about art, the different mediums I could use and the different techniques my artwork has enabled me to express my inner thoughts giving me another way to express my spiritual works, all my artwork has a story behind it whether it be a landscape I have painted or the piece I have called the “seed of light” others include “meditation garden” and “Hideaway”, these I have painted with Acrylic on canvas and many are available as a limited edition fine art print. I have sold paintings through galleries, art exhibitions and my website throughout England and Ireland, every painting being unique in its entirety.

My motivation is to bring as much guidance and inspiration to as many people as I can as life’s path can be a troublesome one at times, to give to others what I have had throughout my life, an affirmation that yes, I am on the right path, or maybe I should be eating a few more fruit and vegetables! I have chosen to professionalise my ability by becoming a certified angel card reader in 2012. In 2013 I felt the time was right to be able to help others on a full-time basis, giving intuitive Angel and Tarot card readings.

I have enjoyed reading for students at their university ball, done readings at well being events, one to one readings and group parties.

With all of my readings I always bless the cards, the client and myself and ask that I can clearly hear, see, feel and know the divine messages that need to come through for the client, I use the card deck that I am drawn to or that is asked for, I explain exactly what I am going to do and how I do it interjecting a little humour as I like to put my client at ease, with every reading I ask if there are any questions that the client would like to ask of the cards or whether they would prefer a generalised reading, I never ask the client for any information prior to their reading about themselves as I know that the messages that come through are for them and this information is not needed. The readings can vary in time depending how in depth the client wants their reading to be. The readings I give are for motivational and inspirational purposes are light hearted and can be fun, I use my cards as guidance for myself on a regular basis as do some of my clients.

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