Rune Reading with Kane Corvus

Kane Corvus is a VTCT qualified sports massage therapist, rune reader and maker of most things rune related.

His background is in nursing and professional martial arts, he has had a keen interest in the ancient ways and works to live his life accordingly. Kane is fairly private about his beliefs but feels it is extremely important to be part of the continuation of the ancient ways of north western Europe, the preservation of their existence and to pass on all that he has learned and experienced. In a rune reading you will get a 3 rune spread and a rune casting where all 24 are cast on to a cloth, the runes facing up are read, the runes facing down are not.

Kane has Fenrir Runes – All things rune related, hand made sets of runes, Viking compass’, single runes, rune carving on wood with your own personalised choice of runes or your name in runes.Traditional hand-pushed tattoos of runes, Celtic and pagan designs. This is not done by machine.

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